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Lemme guess, you’re looking for some leads? You probably need some new people to talk to and you aren’t looking to just talk to anybody who has a pulse.

I bet you wouldn’t mind finding yourself a few A-players that aren’t just looking to work from home, but who have a dream and a vision, and the only thing they’re lacking is an opportunity and a leader to show them how it’s done.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that you have had it up to your eyeballs trying to recruit your friends and family members.

Hey, I feel ya. I gave up on that program long ago, and I’m never going back!

How about cold-calling leads? How much fun is that?!

Hey, don’t’ get me wrong, some people are pretty good at it and can handle the constant rejection you face when cold-calling.

But what’s worse than rejection is when your prospect is ready to join, you’re feelin’ the love, excitement and all that jazz….then their feet suddenly feel cold and they start sweating, wondering if they have what it takes, and then BAM you’re faced with the let down that’s worse than the rejection.

And trust me, I don’t care how good the leads are, you better become best friends with rejection and let down because you’re gonna run into it over and over and over.

Well, you can keep all that noise, we don’t want any of it!

We need something that is duplicatable, right? You know, a lead generation system that just about anyone can use and have success with (maybe even Granny, or maybe not, we’ll see).

I don’t want to lead you to believe that I have an easy 1,2,3 system where all you have to do is pay $197 and you are going to have leads flooding your inbox.

That system doesn’t exist, unless you are looking for low quality leads that require you to talk to a ton of people that aren’t worth your time.

This might be a little bit more appealing to you…

If you follow this system, I will show you how to generate a consistent flow of high-quality ready-to-buy prospects that are actually excited to talk to you about your business (that is, if they haven’t already joined before you talk to them).

Take all of those outdated, no-good, pain in your butt prospecting methods that hardly anyone can sustain and kick ’em to the curb.

If you wanna see what I’m talking about, check this out.

Time to take action and get this thing rollin’.

Your Lazy MLM Lead generator,



  • Jason

    Reply Reply August 1, 2013

    Jason, love the video and I agree with many of the points.

    • Jason Kersten

      Reply Reply August 2, 2013

      Thanks for stopping by Jason. Glad you enjoyed

      • Carrie

        Reply Reply February 8, 2016

        Great thiknng! That really breaks the mold!

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