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Now that you’ve put the final touches on your latest blog post, it’s time to get this puppy in front of as many people as possible and as fast as possible. Let’s drive traffic to your blog.

Remember, because you have an authority blog that is loaded with valuable information and you are an SEO genius, Google and other search engines are going to love your blog and rank it on the first page for all relevant search terms.

At least we hope they do. Of course this isn’t going to happen right away.

I am going to show you some techniques that will not only help you get Google’s attention and show them that you are the authority on your subject, but that will immediately get your content in front of thousands or even tens of thousands of people.

It is important to do your own promotion for a couple reasons. You don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket.

Google can change their algorithm at any time; and all of a sudden you go from page one to page twenty.

And believe it or not, some people do go to places other than Google to find information.

Wanna go viral?

What is going Viral? It’s like a virus, but a good one. It’s like those super funny YouTube videos like this one or this one that get spread like wildfire through social media sites.

The goal is to get your fans to spread your content around for you. The better the content, the better promotion, the better chance you have to go viral.

When you get to this point, things start getting really easy. Oh and by the way, Google really likes it when they see that your stuff is being liked, tweeted, pinned, and posted, through social media.

So how do we promote this bad boy?

I think what I am going to do today is just provide a high level overview to introduce some of the strategies you should use to promote your stuff.

This will be the start of a series I will do where I go through each strategy individually and do an in-depth tutorial that will include videos, how-to’s, case studies, and other resources  you can use.

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Ok, so here goes.

Social Media

There are so many strategies that you can use with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, Pintrest, MySpace, etc, etc. I will break each of these down. I could seriously have an entire blog just dedicated to social media marketing strategies.

For now I will just say that you should go out and set up accounts with all of the major social media sites, become familiar with them, and start building your friends list if you haven’t already.

Keep this in mind when you are building your network. Spend some quality time connecting with people as opposed to just friend requesting them. Introduce yourself and interact with them. People will be much more receptive to you and your information if you have some built-in rapport with them.

Here is a post I did on how to find tons of friends on Facebook.

And here is a post I did on how to use Facebook Groups to get your content in front of thousands or even tens of thousands of people.

Stay tuned to this page because I have tons of strategies I want to share with you.


Syndication is a way for you to maximize all of the work you put into your blog post. Rather than just waiting for search engines to find your blog, you can submit your content to article sites, document sites, web 2.0 and 3.0 sites, and press release sites just to name a few.

There are literally hundreds of different sites you can utilize.

The key to this strategy is to make sure you aren’t just submitting the same content all over the place. All you need to do is rewrite your article in a way that shares the same message but is written in different words.

The reason you need to change the wording is because search engines are very good at finding duplicate content and they probably won’t rank your stuff if they see that you are re-publishing the same stuff.

Make sure you place links to your blog in your re-published articles. This will provide your blog with link juice because you have back links coming from relevant authority sites.

Here is a list of a few article sites you can check out:

and some document sharing sites:


This is an excellent way to get your content out in a different form. All you have to do is shoot a video and teach or share the same information you wrote about in your blog.

Many people go directly to YouTube for information and your YouTube videos could get ranked on Google by themselves. How cool would it be to have you blog post ranked number one and your YouTube video ranked number two?

Don’t just stick to YouTube either; there are plenty of other video sites you can post on.

This is another way to get a high quality link to your blog. Under your video you can write a description of what the video is about, tell them a little about yourself, and invite them to your blog.


Now that you are a movie star with your videos, you can convert the video to an audio file and submit it as a podcast. Might as well suck everything you can out of this thing.

RSS Feeds

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary. Basically what you do is submit your blog to an RSS feed site. You only have to submit it one time because they automatically update as you add blog posts to your blog.

People go to these sights and sign up to get automatic updates from your blog. is a popular one you should check out.


You can always submit your content with links to your blog on forums. This will probably not be your number one way to market, but it can certainly get some traffic to your blog and provide you with some leads.

A couple popular MLM forums are and

Guest Blogging

If you want to really get some good link juice, guest blogging might be your ticket. What you want to do is find blogs that are related to yours and ask the author if you can write a blog post for their site.

Some bloggers are very open to this; others are not.

For this to be really effective you will want to have a back link to your blog from their blog (on your guest post).

Google loves back links; especially when they are from relevant authority sites.

Guest blogging is a win win for you and the other blogger. They get free content written for their blog and you get a high quality back link to your blog.

I will give you some strategies on how to find bloggers and approach them in a future post.

For now I think this should be more than enough strategies (mostly free) to get you going.

For every good blog post your write, you should spend at least a few hours promoting it using these strategies.

Make sure you don’t do the same exact strategies the same way every time. Mix it up a little. You do not want Google to think that you are spamming your information. Happy blogging.

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Your blog promotion specialists,

Jason & Brad

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