The Power Of A Mentor

I know this site is about sharing ideas and strategies on how to generate leads for your business, but from time to time I want to share powerful concepts and practices that I feel may have a positive impact on your business.

Do you have a mentor?

If not, do you understand the power of a mentor?

Depending on your definition of a mentor, we can probably all say we have a mentor or even “many” mentors. defines mentor as “a wise and trusted counselor or teacher” or “an influential senior sponsor or supporter”.

We see the term mentor thrown out a lot; especially in this industry. My mentor taught me…. One of my mentors once said (fill in the blank)…

I consider anyone I draw knowledge or wisdom from as a mentor. I guess everyone I come into contact with is a mentor on some level because I learn (or at least try to learn) from everyone.

Want to take your business to the next level?

Consider finding a personal mentor that you can lock arms with.

If you can, try to find a mentor that literally takes you under their wing, teaches you what they know, and passes their knowledge and wisdom on to you.

This could be a mentor that you pay for, partner up with in a business, work for, or someone who just takes you on because they want to pay it forward.

I have had the privilege of having 2 mentors that have had a major influence on my business and my personal life.

About 8 years ago I had a “once in a lifetime opportunity” to work for a well known, top producing Network Marketer.

Joe Syverson has built multiple MLM teams well into the thousands. When I met him he had retired from Network Marketing and was running a very successful cold-market lead generation company.

I was hired to provide sales and customer service. I was paid pretty well for the job that I performed, but the real payoff was the personal development coaching and mentorship that I received from him.

At the time, Joe was charging a minimum of $500/hour for personal coaching. If I had to guess, I would say that I probably received at least an hour of one on one personal coaching every day; and this was while I was on the clock.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

I was able to draw on his experience and knowledge of the MLM industry, and I learned a lot of invaluable information about sales, leadership, team building, and all the good stuff that helps us succeed in this industry.

That was valuable, but what Joe really taught me was how to take control of my mind and create my own possibilities.

He taught me how to raise my vibration and live a life of purpose.

I will share more of what I learned from Joe in future posts, so stay tuned. You can also check out his website. He is a great teacher, leader, and mentor.

Another powerful mentor in my life is my business partner Brad Campbell. I am fortunate in that he is one of the best internet marketing and SEO gurus in this industry, and has helped many people become very successful in this industry.

Check out his site here. He the man.

What if you can’t find a personal mentor?

You don’t have to have a personal mentor in order to find success; it just makes finding success quicker and easier.

Think about it. Your mentor can teach you the stuff you really need to know and save you from wasting a lot of time worrying about the small stuff. They can teach you something in 15 minutes that took them months to learn.

Finding a personal mentor can be very easy if you do these two things:

1) Find someone who is a professional at what you are trying to learn; someone who already has what you are seeking.

2) Have something to offer in return.

Most people enjoy passing their knowledge on to others, but are they willing to do it for free?

In this industry you will find that most successful people value their time and take pride in the fact that they earn extraordinary incomes working their business part time.

So here is how you get their attention. Let them know you are serious by making a financial commitment to them. This could mean that you pay them a fee for their services or that you join them in their business.

If you join their business you need to keep in mind that they have tons of people joining their business and are trying to get the same thing from them that you are.

You need to set yourself apart. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

–          Be coachable. Remember they know what they are doing. They are successful for a reason.

–          Don’t ask them questions about things that you can find on your own. Remember, their time is valuable. Don’t waste it.

–          Go All In. If they are in a business that has different levels that you can join at; join at the highest level. This is the quickest way for you to set yourself apart from all of the other wannabe mentees. Purchase products from them. Chances are they have affiliate products that they sell.

You can talk big and try to convince them that you are going to be their next big producer, but put your money where your mouth is. Money almost always motivates successful people.

So if you are ready to take that next step in your business; seek out a mentor. If you take the advice I just laid out, you will have no problem finding someone to lock arms with and propel your business forward.

And once you get to that next level, become a mentor.

To your success,

Jason & Brad

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  • Chuck Holmes

    Reply Reply June 17, 2015

    Every successful person I have ever had has a mentor. I’m very fortunate to have a hand full of mentors, and I’ve never met any of them in real life. Some of the people who helped me the most in this industry are:

    1. Mark Yarnell
    2. Mike Dillard
    3. Don Failla
    4. Michael Gerber
    5. Dan Kennedy

    I have different mentors for different things.

    You can even find a mentor who does not specialize in MLM. Find someone who is a master at lead generation. Find someone who knows how to prospect. Find someone who knows online marketing. Those are just a few examples.

    The bottom line is to get a mentor. Learn what you can from them and then pay it forward by mentoring someone yourself. Just my thoughts.


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