Take Massive Action: MLM Success

Wowee, do I wish I would have mastered this one 15 years ago.

How many opportunities would you say you’ve missed out on because you spent all your time trying to get it right, but never took any action?

I couldn’t tell you how many opportunities I have blown and how many thousands of dollars I have left on the table because I spent all of my time messing around and trying to learn everything before I took any real action, only to end up losing interest and never taking any action at all.

If this sounds like you, I feel your pain, but I assure you there is hope.

Watch this video…

For me, taking massive action usually means I need to simplify what I am doing first.

The devil is in the details. Don’t let the devil get ya.

As network marketers, we have so much information and so many marketing strategies to choose from.

Should I blog?

Should I concentrate on social media?

What about paid traffic?

or Youtube videos?

So many strategies, way to much to learn, webinars, conference calls, team calls, hangouts, coaching calls.

Where does it stop?

I’ll tell you, from my experience, it never stops until you step back and realize you have what you need right now to go out and make it happen.

Knowledge is great and we should be learning all the time, but unless we are spending the majority of our time doing income-producing activities what good is the knowledge?

So if you see yourself in this and it seems like I am talking directly to you, I have something for you to try.

Pick one income-producing marketing strategy and take massive action on it for 2 weeks. Don’t spend time learning, only spend time doing.

By the way, you may end up learning more than you would think as a result of your doing.

Just saying!

Your take action leader,

Jason Kersten

P.S. If you know someone who would benefit from hearing this, go ahead and share it.

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  • Sue

    Reply Reply September 10, 2013

    Awesome advice Jason. I have realised this myself recently too. Great post.

    • Jason Kersten

      Reply Reply September 11, 2013

      That’s great Sue. I think we all hear the message over and over, then realize, but then need to keep reminding ourselves.

  • Chuck Holmes

    Reply Reply November 29, 2015

    Taking massive action CONSISTENTLY is so important. Even if you go all in for 90 days that is not enough. You must do it day in and day out for several years. That’s the key to success.


  • allen

    Reply Reply April 21, 2016

    wow good advice

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