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Remember when you first got involved in your MLM or Network Marketing (or whatever you are calling it these days) business and you’re up-line sponsor told you the first thing you need to do is start making a list of 25 or 100 (heck I’ve heard them say 300) people that you are closest to.

Big Cringe….

Weren’t you just excited?

I bet you couldn’t wait to call these people up, pretend that you were calling to just shoot the breeze, and then nonchalantly tell them that you found this really great opportunity that you don’t have time to talk about right now because you have some other calls to get to (actually you really want to get off the phone so you can go shoot yourself in the face; well maybe it’s not that bad).

But wait, the best part of the call is coming up.

You’re waiting to see how quickly they can come up with a complete lie as to why they can’t come over to your house next Tuesday to listen to some dude wearing a suit and driving a Beamer try and convince them that all they have to do is join your business, make a list of 300 people and invite them to the same pathetic meeting at their house.

Here is the funny thing about this. This MLM prospecting method actually works.

People have built and continue to build huge businesses using this completely outdated business model.

I love when you show up to these meetings (I’ve been to a ton of them) and your friend and the dude in the beamer are so outrageously excited and happy that you came.

They really want to see you get into this business and do well for yourself.

The reality is that they probably do, and not just so they can make money from you. They probably are doing this as a favor to you, which will also benefit them.

It’s just so fake and cheesy though.

I also love how these people who just got into the business and haven’t even received their first auto-shipment of product are telling you how great the products are.

They are even throwing names out like they actually know the owner of the company or the developer of the product.

I just love it. And just so we are clear, I have been this guy before. And if you have too, I feel your pain. All we can do is look back and laugh about it.

If you are still doing this; you have my condolences. That is unless you truly enjoy this. Like I said, the intentions of this painful process are absolutely legit.

Here is the problem. Many of the people on your list are probably laughing at you. I know, I know, you will get the last laugh. It always works that way.

And if you aren’t like me, you don’t really care what people think about you. I do care, so this method and I don’t jive very well.

But hey, if you invite me to your house, I’ll probably come.

Depending on how much I care about you I will either be coming just to make you feel good or I’ll be coming for the pure entertainment aspect of it; just watching the whole thing unfold the way it always does.

I am not trying to insult you; I just want you to see it from a different angle. I don’t want to discourage you from doing what you do. I am not saying you should throw in the towel.

Quite the opposite actually; I think you should get really fired up about the opportunity you have (hopefully you are involved with a great company), put in some hard work, long hours, and pure dedication that can pay off with easy work, few hours, more vacations, no more bosses, and no more hotels, house parties, or 3-way calls.

I just want to show you a different MLM prospecting method.

And guess what, you can still help your friends and family make their dreams become reality. It’s just going to happen in a little different way than the blueprint I just laid out.

Here is the truth of the matter. A lot of (probably most of) your friends and family will never be interested or qualified to produce results in this industry.

Even if they join you, some people just won’t be worth having on your team.

They will suck up your time, complain, not produce, and then quit. Save yourself (and them) the time, money, and pain.

Here is how you recruit friends and family into your business.

Become wildly successful, fire your boss, and start living your dream life. You think they won’t come to you and ask how you did it?

You bet they will.

This time they will be coming to you rather than you begging them to join you.

So why do we start with friends and family members in the first place?

Obviously, because where else are we going to start? You have to start with people you know. Or do we???

Actually, no we don’t. In fact, I strongly urge you not to.

How about starting with people who are actually looking for an opportunity like the one you are offering?

I know what you are saying.

How do I find those people Jason?

It is easier than you might think and I am willing to show you exactly how I do it.

It is a very simple formula and all you need is a computer, internet connection, a willingness to learn, a little bit of creativity, and a desire to succeed.

I was just telling my man Vince from Melaleuca a very simple process that we and many other internet marketers are using to recruit massive amounts of people into our businesses with very little effort (compared to the other method) and without hardly ever picking up the phone.

Here is why this method is so successful.

Whenever you are recruiting (regardless of the method you are using), your prospects are probably envisioning what it would be like if they had to do what you do.

No matter how much they love the product, the comp plan, or the lifestyle the big dogs are living, they still know they have to recruit people.

Most prospects are going to think they have to do exactly what you are doing in order to make it happen.

So if you are calling friends and family members and having those God-awfully uncomfortable conversations, guess what they think they have to do.

Or if you are cold-calling leads or pulling numbers out of the phone book, guess what those people think they will have to do in order to succeed.

But what if your prospects found your blog (just like this one), saw value in what you were providing, gave you their email address, watched your video, and bought your products or signed up and joined your business?

How is that for MLM prospecting?

Do you think they could see themselves doing something similar and see more potential with this method than the thought of hosting opportunity parties for their friends and family?

It just seems so much easier and realistic, doesn’t it?

It is; and believe me it is so much easier and less uncomfortable for everyone.

So give your friends and family a break. ;)

Right now, go to the top of this page and pick up our lead generating secret sauce video.

All it’s gonna cost ya is your email.

After you watch that, click here and get on our team.

Your MLM prospecting Mentor,


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  • Chuck Holmes

    Reply Reply June 17, 2015

    Working your warm market is not the only way to build a business. That being said, most people should start with their warm market. It’s something anyone can do. Teaching online marketing and getting people to prospect strangers is a difficult task that most people won’t do, yet anyone can call up a friend and share the products and business with them.

    I think reps should be taught HOW to contact friends and family members. I suggest you lead with the products with the people that you know. Once you exhaust your warm market, then you need to learn how to generate leads.

    Just my two cents.

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