Use Facebook Graph to grow your friends list

Have you discovered the Facebook Graph Search tool?

Have you ever wished you could search the entire Facebook population in order to find a targeted audience to market your business to?

Until now, all you could do is search your Facebook friends based on their profile, their likes, interests, locations, etc.

Imagine being able to search the entire Facebook world to identify for an example, all people living in New York City who have read the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolian Hill.

With Facebook’s new search feature, you can. You could even take that search a little deeper and find people from New York who have read the book “Think and Grow Rich and that belong to or work at Visalus, Primerica, or any company you want.

Are you seeing the potential you have here?

Use your own creativity with this tool, but here is how we have used it to grow our friends list.

We are with a company that provides cutting edge tools and training on how to market your business opportunity using the internet.

Our target market is any person that is looking to generate leads and promote their opportunity online.

So if you are looking to connect with anyone who is already in Network Marketing, your search will be really easy; just type into the search bar “people who like (name of company)” or “people who work at (company name)”.

If you are not looking to connect with current Network Marketers you may want to search for people who have some of the characteristics of Network Marketers such as, “people who like personal development” or “people who have read the Robert Kiosoki books” or “people who like Tony Robbins”.

Again, your creativity will come in handy here.

So what do you do once you do a search and find a particular group of people?

Here is what you don’t do!

Don’t just start friend requesting as many people as you can in 10 minutes.

Facebook will block you and you probably won’t make very many new friends.

Here is our recommendation…

Rather then friend requesting complete strangers, send them a personally written message that tells them why you are connecting with them and invites them to respond back to you if they have a mutual interest.

It might look something like this.

” Hey so and so, I noticed that you have read a few of Tony Robin’s books. I am a huge fan of Tony Robins and have actually been to one of his live events. My life hasn’t been the same since.

Anyways, I am just looking to connect with some people who have similar interests to mine. I recognized some of the other books you like. If you are interested in connecting, drop me a line sometime. I would love to chat.”

This type of an introduction is non-intrusive. It gives them the opportunity to connect with you if they would like, or to just ignore the message if they aren’t interested.

They can tell that the message is personalized to them specifically and that you are just looking to connect and hopefully not spam them.

We are not saying that this is a greatest way ever to find leads for your business. but we are saying it is wise to use Facebook graph to grow your friends list. 

What you do from there is up to you. There are a lot of people building their business exclusively through Facebook.

We feel there are better ways to attract leads, but if Facebook is a method you use, you should check this feature out.

You will find that you can use this feature for much more than just marketing your business.

When we signed up for it, we were put on a waiting list. We had to wait about 3 weeks before we were able to use it. I’m not sure if there will still be a waiting list when you read this blog post.

To see a demo of how it works click here.

You will notice when you send a message to someone, your message will not go to their regular inbox; it will be sent to their “other folder”.

Even so, we have received a ton of responses and friend requests using this tool. Give it a try.

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