Watch Brad Campbell (driving in his car) explain how we use the same online MLM lead getting strategies that you use to make simple websites and rent them to small business owners for recurring monthly rent money.

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Need to know more before you get on a call? No problem. Watch the video below.

Brad goes into crazy detail about what we are doing.

You don’ have to join the Job Killing mentoring program, and many of you won’t.

My wife and I chose to because we wanted to build this business fast and didn’t want to stumble our way through it.

Here is the video.


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No-shows get black listed for life.



See what some of our fellow students are up to.




Here’s what some our students have said in our private Facebook group.

These posts were within the past few days as of July 31st 2016.


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Not too bad if you ask me.

Remember not everyone posts in our group every time they land a deal.

Our students are landing dozens of deals every day.

If you think we are onto something here, you’re right.

These are average every day people.

Some that are brand new to online marketing (like my wife) and others who have struggled with MLMs, affiliate marketing, selling on Amazon, and every other shiny object on the internet.

Go ahead and schedule your call now, but only if you are 100% committed to showing up.

No-shows really do get blacklisted for life.