ENV2 blogging system review

env2ENV2 or Empower Network version 2.0 is being talked about as the next biggest online movement that is going to change the landscape of the world wide web.

I promise you, that is the last time you will hear me say a crazy hyped-out statement like that.

I’m gonna keep this real, at least until we actually see ENV2 for ourselves.

I am as pumped as anyone to get my hands on this, but with the little bit of information we have up to this point, you have to find some of the statements people are making a bit comical.

Get this one.

I overhead some (I’ll believe anything I hear and add whatever I want to it) dude while he was shooting a video in Denver say, “Mark Zuckerberg is nervous about how ENV2 is going to change the internet and have a serious impact on Facebook.”

Oh really?

You’ve got to be kidding me!

Actually, I think I know the statement he heard before he twisted it all around and dropped it in his Kool-Aid.

During the mile-high frenzy, that was the Empower Network’s “don’t be a wussy” live event, Dave Wood mentioned that Facebook can basically screw off because Empower Network bloggers won’t have to find sneaky ways to get around the Facebook ban that was put on Empower Network domains. More on that in a sec.

It was a totally legit hype-free statement, but was never meant to imply that stock holders of Facebook are shaking in their boots watching Empower Network’s every move.

Anyways, I just had to make light of some of the crazy things people throw around. The funny thing is that they actually believe they are enticing people to buy from them by making these ridiculous claims.

I am writing this just days before the actual launch.

I want this to be a live, on-going product review featuring demos and how-to tutorials.

In other words, this is going to be the most pimped-out, bad-ass, take it to the bank ENV2 product review and resource center on the planet.

How’s that for hype?

I may re-write some of this after the launch, or I might keep this up so we can see if ENV2 actually lives up to some of the pre-launch hype mentioned above.

Here is my ENV2 blogging system review, specifically showing you what it will have over its predecessor– the empower network viral blogging system.

Simple 2-click blogging platform

Simplicity Not that you have to be a super-tech geek to operate the current version (it’s pretty user-friendly), but after watching the live demo in Denver, I was pretty blown away at how stupid-simple running ENV2 is going to be.

Customization- From what I saw, this platform appears to be much more customizable than the current platform. During the demo, KC (admitting he is not a graphic designer) gave us a quick look at how you can customize your blog(s). I really wish he would have showed us more of the capabilities.

I’m pretty sure they are there, but he didn’t spend a lot of time on it.

My hope is that the system is so customizable that the reader would never know they are on “just another cookie-cutter template Empower Network blog.”

Know what I’m saying?

Customizable banners Evidently there are going to be more banners to choose from, but this time they are actually customizable.

Now we’re talking.

You will also have the ability to easily add static pages to your blogs.

Get ready, cuz this is huge.

The Empower Network blogging platform is going to go from being a single word-press blog to being a Universal Command Center where you can manage as many as 10 blogs from 1 system.

How cool is that for serious online marketers who have multiple niche blogs?

Of course, if you have 10 blogs, they are going to have 10 different URLs, right?

Custom Domains- You will be able to purchase and use your own domains. Your Empower Network domain will still be yours, but you won’t be locked in to only using that domain if you don’t want to.

That one got a huge cheer from the crowd. It may have actually been 1 of the (what seemed to be about) 100 standing ovations over the weekend. Check out my Empower Network live event review here.

ENV2 Mobile Application

This doesn’t need a whole lot of explaining; it’s pretty simple. Everything you can do on your PC or Mac, you will be able to do from your smart phone.

Because of the mobile app, you will have the ability to take a picture, shoot a video, or record an audio on our phone; hit 2 buttons, and within minutes it’s live on whatever blog(s) you choose.

ENV2 sales conversion Engine

This is where blogging platform (on steroids) meets social-media.

I have a feeling they have only revealed some of what is to come, but here is what we know right now.

News Feed- In our new command center, we will have a news feed. This is mainly designed for affiliates who are selling the EN blogging system and suite of products.

Affiliates will be able to see all of their team member’s activity. You will see when they do blog posts, but will also be able to communicate with them on their news feed like we do on Facebook.

Improved team emailing feature- In addition to the  news feeds, there is a new team emailing feature.

I don’t know all the specifics but you will have the ability to shoot a video or audio and instantly send it to your team.

Here is where it gets crazy though. You can choose which teammates you want to send it to based on what product level they are at.

Why would you give the video to some team members, but not all of them?

Check this out!

You send one video to everyone on your team, tell them what’s up, rub their back a little, and then give a preview of that bomb-diggity training video that you are about to send out.

But guess what, you have to be a 15k member in order to get this video.

Pretty sneaky, huh?

Another little up-sell tool that the Daves threw in.

I’ll leave you with one more nugget.

Re-posting- Let’s say a video pops up in your news feed and you like it and want to post it to your blog. One click, type what you want to type, and hit post. How easy is that?

So that is what I know about ENV2.

I almost forgot to mention the price of ENV2 (although it should have gone up) is still only $25/month.

It’s coming soon, so check back after the launch for the most comprehensive review and tutorials on the planet.

If you are ready to purchase ENV2 before it even comes out, go ahead and click here, or check out this video.

If you are new to this thing called Empower Network, check out the most informative, yet entertaining Empower Network Reviews you will ever see.

Your ENV2 (keepin it real) reviewer,

Jason Kersten


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