Empower Network Blogging System

Warning: You are about to be see the most comprehensive bad-ass review on the planet for the Empower Network blogging system.

After reading this, you will know the following information

  • What is it?
  • Who uses it and why?
  • What are the pros & cons of using it?
  • How do you make money with it?
  • What do you get with it?
  • What isENV2 (Empower Network version 2.0)

After you read this, you will know without a doubt if it is a good fit for you; and if it is, you will have the opportunity to purchase it from me and receive all of the free bonuses that (only) I am offering.

So let’s get started…

What is the Empower Network Blogging System

The Empower Network blogging system is a done-for-you, plug-and-play, customizable blogging platform that was created by marketers for marketers.

It allows you (the user) to build your own blog without having to invest time or money into things such as web design, programming, graphic design, hosting services, or securing a domain name.

You can bypass all of the setup and get right to blogging, literally within minutes of signing up.

The system is built on a word-press blogging platform, so it has all of the features of a word-press blog as well as the Empower Network bells and whistles.

As you will see below, this system is the perfect solution for the brand new internet marketer who is looking to start making money as quickly as possible.

Before I show you what is included with the blogging system, let’s talk about a few important things.

Who uses the Empower Network Blogging System

Although the platform can be used by any blogger who wants to start their own blog, it has been specifically created for the internet marketer.

For that reason, I will only speak to how this system caters to internet marketers who are looking to make money with their blog.

The majority of those who are successfully using this system to make money are either using it to sell their own products and services, or they are using it to sell other peoples products or services as an affiliate marketer.

If you have your own product or business opportunity and you are looking to promote it on the internet, blogging could (I mean should) be the foundation of all your marketing efforts.

The same goes for affiliate marketers. I will cover this further when we talk about how to make money blogging.

Empower Network Blogging system is perfect for new online marketers

I have discovered there are 3 common challenges new internet marketers face:

  1. They don’t have a lot of money to invest.
  2. They don’t have a lot of time to put into their business.
  3. They get overwhelmed with information and never get up and running.


You guessed it, the Empower Network Blogging System.

  1. It’s only $25.
  2. It’s all set up and ready to go. You can be blogging on day 1.
  3. You will have access to the Empower Network fast-start training courses.

If  you purchase the system from me, you will receive additional coaching and access to some some comprehensive ongoing training that you literally could not put a price tag on. More on that in a bit.

Now let’s get to the fun stuff…

How to make money with the Empower Network Blogging System


There are 2 ways to make money using this blogging platform. Technically there are 3.

  1. You can use your blog to market products and services you own or affiliate products that you sell.
  2. You can resell the blogging system as an Empower Network affiliate and “oh by the way” earn 100% commissions. Say what?!?
  3. You can do both. You can use your blogging system to sell your products/affiliate products and sell the blogging system.

We have people that fall into each of the 3 categories.

Some internet marketers have a ton of success selling one specific product, but many online marketers would argue that you should be diversified and sell multiple product lines.

So you might be wondering how in the heck is a blog going to help me sell products?

I have a simple, but highly effective 7-step marketing formula that I have cracked the code on and I’ll share it with you.

Here goes…

  1. Find a product to sell.
  2. Specifically define your target market and determine what challenges they have that your product or service can solve.
  3. Determine how and where you are going to find your target audience.
  4. Create compelling messages that speak to your audience and entice them to take a look at your offer.
  5. Get these messages in front of your audience.
  6. Lead your audience to a high-converting lead capture page where you will give them  something of value in exchange  for their email address.
  7. Follow up with them in order to convert sales by continually providing value and showing them how your product or service will solve their problem.

So how does the Empower Network blogging platform fit into this formula?

Specifically, steps 4 & 5. Using a blog is the perfect way to get your message in front of your audience.

A blog gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to creating and delivering content to your audience, and search engines love them if they are properly optimized.

Your blog will also play a role in steps 6 & 7.

If you take your business serious and implement an actual marketing plan like this one, you can probably see the value in by-passing the time-sucking set-up process by plugging into a ready-to-go system.

By the way, if you hang with me, I will show you how you can use this blogging system and implement this 7-step formula to sell anything you want on the internet. More on that in a second.

Now, let’s keep this thing real.

Of course I like this system and I think you will too, but we have to talk pros and cons at some point.

Pros and cons of the Empower Network Blogging System

Let’s start with the Pros…

Pro #1

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep on saying it, this thing is plug-and-play baby, ready-to-go, so much so that I think Granny could even figure it out.

You won’t spend all of your precious time in setup mode. You can get right to income-producing-activities on day 1.

Pro #2

Your blog will be hosted on a high-authority domain.

If you are an experienced online marketer you already know the benefits of this, but for the beginners who don’t know, here is a crash course on how search engines determine how they are going to rank your blog posts.

The search engine’s goal is to provide it’s users with the most relevant information pertaining to what they put in the search bar.

How do they determine this? Content and reputation.

Sites that provide the most relevant and targeted information have a good chance of appearing on page 1.

But how does reputation play into this?

Search engines are looking to see who is established, who has been around for a while, who is updating their content regularly, and who is being talked about or recommended by other similar sites via back-links?

Most of that is for an entirely different conversation, but for now lets’s talk about being on an established domain.

Since everybody that is using the Empower Network domain is pumping out content and getting back-links to their blog posts, the empowernetwork.com domain is what we call a “high authority site.”

How does this benefit you?

Right out of the gate, your blog posts will have more authority and carry more weight than they would if you were using a brand new self-hosted blog.

Therefore your posts will have a much better chance of being ranked in a shorter period of time.

Pro #3

Like I mentioned earlier, the blogging system comes with a couple of training courses that will assist you in getting a fast start, especially if you are new to this.

This training includes 8 fast-start-training courses and a 6-day Empower Network boot camp video series.

Pro #4

For those who are looking to use the blogging platform to promote affiliate products, you will have access to an assortment of high-converting lead capture pages.

I can’t explain in words the value of having these already set up for you.

You could spend half of a year learning how to create captivating, high-converting lead capture sites if you tried to do it yourself.

Any good review is going to show both sides of the coin.

Although I believe this system provides a ton of value and I would recommend it to just about anyone, I do have a couple of cons that are worth mentioning.

Con #1

The system does cost $25/month. This is more than worth the price of admission, but if someone wanted to start their own blog on a slightly lower budget, it is possible to do.

I wouldn’t even want to try and calculate the amount of time it would take to design your own blog and lead-capture pages.

It is also very difficult to put a price tag on the authority that the empowernetwork.com domain has.

All things considered, the $25 is very reasonable, and will be an absolute steal when version 2.0 comes out.

We’ll get to that in a second.

Con #2

There is a huge benefit to blog on a high authority domain like empowernetwork.com, but there is also a downside to not having your own domain.

Currently the empowernetwork.com domain has a good reputation, but if that ever changes the benefit could turn to a detriment.

Google and other search engines could hold it against your posts and rank them lower.

Highly unlikely, but certainly a possibility.

Being on someone else’s domain can be risky in the unlikely event that Empower Network goes out of business.

You could run the risk of having your content taken down; however, this is true of any hosing site you use.

As you will soon see, the new version ENV2 (which I will talk about in a second) protects us from the issue of being on a domain that we don’t own.

Con #3

Although your blog is customizable, you are somewhat limited as to how much you can customize the look of your blog.

For the majority of bloggers, the customization capabilities are perfectly  fine, but if you have advanced graphic design skills you may find the ability to customize a tad-bit limited.

Empower Network Version 2.0 Blogging System


On September 23rd, Empower Network will be unveiling their second generation blogging system.

Check out this ENV2 blogging system review I did. Here is a quick preview to show how this bad boy is going to change the blogging landscape.

New Feature #1

The new platform will allow you to manage an unlimited number of blogs (using your own custom domains) from one platform.

For serious bloggers who have multiple niche blogs, you will be able to manage all of your blogs under one roof.

You will still be able to use the empowernetwork.com domain and benefit from it’s authority, but you will now have the ability to use this system and have your own domains. This eliminates con #2.

New Feature #2

Version 2.0 will have a full-functioning mobile application. This will allow you to manage all of your blogs and perform all functions from your smart phone.

In fact, you will have the ability to take a picture, shoot a video, or record an audio file from your phone and upload it to your various blogs in a matter of minutes.

New Feature #3

The new platform is multi-lingual. This is going to instantly open your business up globally without having to worry about the language barrier. WOW.

New Feature #4

ENV2 brings a social media element to the table. This is especially beneficial to Empower Network affiliates.

You will have a back office where you are able to view all blog posts from your team members and have the ability to repost their blog posts to your blogs with the push of one button.

You will also have the ability to send videos and blog posts to your affiliates.

This system is going to be one of a kind and because of some of these functions are unique to this platform, the demand for this is going to go through the roof.

What does this mean to you?

Right now, there is a one of a kind opportunity for you to become an affiliate, resell this system while it is in launch mode, and receive 100% commissions on all sales you generate.

Oh by the way, did I mention version 2.0 is still only $25/month?

Purchase the Empower Network Blogging System


If you are ready to start blogging for the purpose of selling products or services, you can (obviously) purchase the Empower Network blogging system from me right now by clicking this link.

Why buy it from me vs. purchasing it directly from the company or another affiliate?

I’m glad you asked.

Like I said before, you will receive enough training from the fast start and boot camp videos to do some damage, but how about some personal mentoring from me and a team of people who have been where you are at and have done what you are about to do?

Here is what I will offer you.

  1. I will provide you private access to our team training site, where we literally walk you through step-by-step instructions on how to implement that 7-step process I outlined earlier.
  2. You will get instant access to our private team Facebook group. This is a group where you can either participate by asking and answering questions with the entire team, or you can just sit on the sidelines and take it all in. We currently have over 100 active members. There are lots of people with tons of knowledge and we are eager to share it.
  3. You will be able to participate in our twice per week Google hangout masterminds where you will be able to talk directly with myself and other leaders from the team. We can assist with all steps of the marketing plan as well as technical issues you may need assistance with.
  4. I will personally provide a free coaching session to get you started. We will focus on choosing the right target audience for your product and draw a road map for you to follow. I will then provide ongoing support through the mastermind hangouts and the private Facebook group.

If all of these bonuses alone aren’t worth the $25, I don’t know what is. Consider the blogging platform free. Wink.

If you are ready to get started, go ahead and click this link, and enter your credit card information.

You will be given login instructions and will have immediate access to the fast-start training.

Send me an email at jason@lazymlmleads.com to let me know when you will be available for your complimentary coaching session.

I will send you login information to our private access training and will invite you to our Facebook group. Please include your Facebook link.

If you like what you hear but still want more information, click here and watch this video.

If you have any further questions, shoot me an email or leave a comment below.

Your Empower Network tour guide.

Jason Kersten



  • amy

    Reply Reply December 1, 2014

    I am in network marketing. I don’t have a website yet or know where to start at all. Looking for advice of the steps to take to generate leads.

  • Chuck Holmes

    Reply Reply November 29, 2015

    Hi Jason,

    Do you think EMP is still relevant? It’s pretty much disappeared online over the past 12 months. Would you recommend a platform like that, even though it is self-hosted and you don’t own it? Just wondering.


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