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The Beast is being unleashed…BlogBeast Review

Empower Network is a multifaceted internet marketing company that offers cutting-edge online marketing courses and features their cornerstone product, the Empower Network viral blogging system.

The blogging system was created to help beginning online marketers learn how to leverage a simple internet blog to generate income working from anywhere in the world where they can get an internet connection.

Bloggers have been utilizing the platform to promote their businesses, sell products, educate people with information, or just do some casual blogging.

For people who want to sell online but don’t have a product, Empower Network created a unique affiliate program that has quickly become one of the hottest affiliate marketing opportunities on the internet.

Why this is the hottest affiliate marketing opportunity

#1 Their products are in high demand.

#2 The company pays out 100% commissions on 4 of it’s 5 products.

#3 The training products teach you everything you need in order to be a professional online marketer.

New internet marketers no longer have to go to clickBank, aimlessly look for a product to sell, and then spend days or weeks scouring YouTube videos and purchasing overpriced training programs in order to learn how to make money on the internet.

Everything you need is right in the training videos. They have literally created a turn-key business opportunity for experienced and new online marketers.

Affiliate Marketing on steroids

Because of the way they structured their affiliate program, affiliates are actually able to earn commissions for referring other affiliate marketers to join the Empower Network movement.

This is the leverage that almost every experienced affiliate marketer has never seen before. Most of us are used to only getting paid for results we produce.

What is BlogBeast

BlogBeast is the new version of the blogging system, otherwise known as Empower Network Version 2.0, or ENV2.

The original blogging system was a pretty basic platform that sat on top of a WordPress blog. It had the same functionality of a WordPress blog with a few extra bells and whistles.

The main advantage of using it was that it sits on a high-authority domain, which helped Empower Network bloggers rank their content on search engines much quicker than using their own WordPress blog.

BlogBeast is a whole new animal. Forget about WordPress. In fact, forget about blogging platforms the way you currently know them.

According to the demos I have seen…

This thing looks like it is going to take blogging to an entirely different level.

BlogBeast is going to be more of a central command center for bloggers than it is a blogging platform.

Users are going to be able to manage multiple blogs on separate domains all from one site.

Currently, Empower Network bloggers do not have the flexibility to use custom domains, so this is a huge upgrade.

The blogs will be fully customizable, so you could have 10 different blogs with 10 completely different looks.

This was one of the criticisms of the original platform. Everyone’s blog looked the same.

BlogBeast is supposed to be so user-friendly that doing a blog post will now be a simple 2-click process, making it easy enough that even non-tech savvy bloggers will be able to easily operate this system.

Bloggers will be able to re-post or mention other Empower Network blogger’s posts, automatically citing and giving credit to the original author.

Here is one of the game changers…

You will have the ability to operate your entire blogging system as well as your affiliate back office from your smart phone or tablet using their innovative mobile application.

Imagine this. You could  shoot a video or record an audio, type a description, and post it live to your various blogs straight from your phone in just a matter of minutes.

The mobile app will literally have every blogging capability and affiliate back office feature built into it.

How many online marketers can say they have the ability to run their entire business from their phone or tablet?

Empower Network affiliates who have a team of affiliates will have some features that will take team communication to a whole new level.

All affiliates will have a news feed where they can communicate with their team members, as well as see and share content with each other.

Not only will you be able to share information, videos, and audios with team members; affiliates will have the ability to choose exactly who they want to share their content with.

This would allow you to provide your most valuable training to your most committed team members, leaving everyone else a preview of what is available if they join you at the highest level.

BlogBeast Details

Similar to Version 1.0, BlogBeast will still be only $25/month. For bloggers interested in becoming an affiliate, there is a monthly fee of $19.95.

Included with BlogBeast will be a variety of comprehensive tutorial videos specifically pertaining to BlogBeast.

The official BlogBeast launch date is set for October 11th; however, the only way you can get it on the 11th is if you are a current Empower Network customer.

On the 11th, Empower Network customer’s will be migrated over to the new platform.

For non-members, the official public launch is set for October 18th.

The best thing you could do if you are not currently an Empower Network customer, is purchase the Empower Network blogging system right now. Why wait?

Here is what they are predicting will happen.

Empower Network customers and affiliates are going to be migrated on the 11th, and because the general public will not have access to the product, the roughly 30,000 active Empower Network affiliates are going to be creating serious buzz through social media.

There is a very unique opportunity right now to get in on the ground floor of something big.

It’s only $25 to get started and $19.95 to become an affiliate. If you’re not quite ready, take a minute right now and watch this video.

Anytime throughout the video you will find a link below the video where you can purchase BlogBeast, sign up as an affiliate, join my team, and put your online marketing career into overdrive.

I’ll see you on the inside.

Jason Kersten

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