MLM Leads Blueprint – Stop Paying For Leads

I broke a promise to my wife. See, she made me swear I was done with this whole MLM thing.

And, being the good guy I like to think I am, I obliged.

(Happy wife, happy life — right?)

Well, at first I did.

Then one day, by total accident, I discovered something too sexy to resist.

What was it?

A way to get people coming to me with their credit card out, rather than me chasing down anyone and everyone that has a pulse.

I knew as soon as I saw it, that it would be a total game-changer.  And it was.

Took me from quitter to freedom fighter.

Sulking to swagger.

On the grind to laid back with a laptop.

Now, don’t get me wrong…

I pride myself in being a man of my word, especially when my family’s involved.  But, looking back, that’s the one promise I’m glad I broke.

I just knew this was it.

The magic bullet, even though I don’t believe in magic bullets.  You know what I mean.

I knew if I could leverage this system to get MLM leads on the internet, my struggles were over.  I mean, the only reason I’d failed at a handful of network marketing deals in the past was because of what was required to succeed.

Make a list of my friends and family?

Throw awkward, high-pressure home parties?

Attend dodgy hotel meetings?

Submit my loved ones to “Boiler Room”-esque 3-way calls?

Approach well-dressed strangers at the local gas station?


That was how I was supposed to build my empire?

Umm, no thanks. Been there, done that, didn’t work. I’ll pass.

And so I did.  I wasn’t willing to whore-out my inner circle in the name of profits.

Needless to say, before I discovered what I’m doing today, I was done.  Beyond over it.

Broke, burnt-out, miserable.

My wife was right.  I needed to kick this MLM crap straight to the curb.  Suck it up and learn to love my job.

(That’s where I was at mentally.)

But I snapped right outta that funk the moment a random Google search landed me directly in front of this fresh new way of online lead-getting.

The light bulb went off.

My ah-ha moment.

Whatever the hell you wanna call it.

I was an instant Belieber believer.  (Sorry, that kid’s always in the damn news.)

So I learned it, tried it, and with minimal effort, saw first hand that this is for real.

I was generating leads and signing people up.

And 100% online.

No prospecting, no phone calls, no lame, outdated, soul-sucking sales tactics.

No advertising budget.  Nothing.

Just this simple blog and the unique ability to get shown on Google’s first page for “buyer” search terms.  You know this works, because you’re a product of the process.  It’s how you found me.

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MLM Online Marketing System: 3-Step Formula

I know it sounds cliche— “3 step formula.” It reminds me of “follow the same blueprint that this broke homeless man used to create a 6-figure income over night. This loophole really works.”

Yeah right—give me a break. We’ve heard it a thousand times.

Any time you have a 3-step process or simple 3-step formula it leads us to believe it is going to be easy.

I’ll be first to tell you that there is nothing simple or easy about the 3-step formula I’m talking about here. Well I actually take that back.

If you compare this to calling friends and family, going to the mall and creepily introducing yourself to strangers, calling cold-market phone leads or drawing circles on napkins; yeah this is relatively easy.

So what am I talking about here?

I’m talking about using the internet and this proven 3-step online Mlm marketing system, (that was developed almost 2 decades ago and is responsible for billions of dollars in sales every year) to replace all of the outdated prospecting techniques that we all hate so much.

Well I guess everyone doesn’t hate them. Hats off to you if you are able to do what 95% of us can’t do.

Think about this for a second. Why don’t people join us in our business?

Is it because we got roped into a ponzi-scheme and we are trying to take them down with us? Some people certainly think that, but we know better.

Is it because people don’t have time to run a home-business? Perhaps, but if they can replace their full-time income, people will have more time than they know what to do with. Right?

Is it because the only people that make money are the ones that got in at the top? This is certainly a valid point, but a horrible excuse to not join an opportunity.

Is it because people can’t afford to start their own business? Come on, we all know that is ridiculous.

These are certainly some of the things we hear though, right?

So what is the difference between the “how do I get started” response and the “I don’t think I’m interested in the business opportunity, but I might be interested in buying the products” response?

I think it boils down to one thing.

Most of our prospects believe that it is possible. They don’t doubt that there are people in our business that are living the dream that we are trying to sell.

The question is, do they believe that they have what it takes to build a life-changing business?

Do they see themselves being able to convince other people that have the same doubts they have, that they should take the plunge and give it a shot?

Most people don’t.

Most of us don’t consider ourselves to be good sales people.

Some of us believe we don’t even know more than a small handful of people that might possibly be interested in hearing our pitch.

So if we’re not good at sales and we don’t have very many people to sell to, how the hell are we supposed to build a business?

Oh don’t worry, you can buy leads.

Ok great. I’m horrible at sales, I hate rejection and now you want me to call strangers up on the phone and try to pitch my deal?

Thanks but no thanks.

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