Authority Blogging

This is what I consider to be the cornerstone of our online lead-generation gold mine.

What is it? Authority Blogging.

Watch this video…


As you can see, I strongly believe that this is a relationship building business.

In this industry, people buy people, not products.

It’s all about attracting like-minded people, developing relationships, building trust, and  providing value; which will ultimately lead to signups and sales.

You’ve probably heard the cliches.

“To sell more, you have to provide more value”

“Give and you shall receive” 

“The amount of money you make is in direct proportion to the value you give to others”

I am all about selling by providing value. I always have been.

So when I discovered authority blogging, I knew I found a gold mine.

Usually all you see is people blasting Facebook and other sites with flashy squeeze pages and ads telling you that their business opportunity is your ticket to being able to tell your boss where to go.

That stuff never worked for me, and I question whether it works with anyone.

So if you have a good target audience picked out, let’s get an authority blog set up, fill it with high value content, and get that endless supply of leads flowing into your inbox.

Your authority blogger,

Jason Kersten


  • Joe Powers

    Reply Reply June 13, 2015

    Really liked your training on blogging for building a list. Sure would be interested to get an authority blog set up for myself.

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