First thing’s first. I don’t have an MLM to recruit you in to. My recruiting days are probably over; at least for now.

It’s not that I don’t like Network Marketing. I actually owe all of my recent success to the MLM industry.

Had I not joined my most recent venture I’d still be peddling yellow page ads. Yikes!!!

So here’s what happened. I swore to myself (and my wife) that I would never get sucked in to another MLM opportunity.

I’m one of those guys that would jump from one opportunity to the next. Maybe you know people like this.

As soon as I thought I was done for good, I discovered attraction marketing.

The thought of not having to recruit friends and family members all of a sudden made network marketing extremely attractive again.  So back in I went, and am I glad I did.

This time was different. I learned how to use the Internet to attract like-minded people—people that actually wanted to join my business.

And better yet, people I didn’t have to talk to until after they joined my business and proved they were serious.

And for the first time I was actually recruiting people and making money. But more important, I was picking up skills that I could use to market and sell just about anything on the Internet.

More specifically, I learned how to rank websites at the top of Google.

And let me tell you, if you have this skill and use it wisely it’s like having a license to print money.

I started by ranking my own MLM site on Google (the site you are on right now). While other people on my team were doing paid traffic, I was sucking up all kinds of free traffic from the best traffic source out there—Google.

Once other MLM’ers saw what I was doing they started throwing their credit cards at me begging me to rank their sites.

The very first month that I offered this service to other marketers I made over $6,400 just from selling my SEO services. In fact I had a partner, so $6,400 was just my cut of over $12,800 of monthly recurring revenue.

Network Marketing

MLM LeadsWanting to capitalize on every opportunity, I thought back to my Yellow Page sales job (that I had recently quit) and I could only imagine how much money I would make if I offered these services to local businesses.

It seemed like every business owner I met with wanted to cancel their yellow page ads and spend all of their advertising dollars online.

These people were desperate just to get their website to show up on Google, let alone show up on the first page.

And because they are business owners (not Internet Marketers), most of them are completely clueless on how to make this happen.

Here’s what this all means for you and I. The demand for online lead generation solutions for local businesses is through the roof.

Small business owners are scrambling to keep up or stay ahead of their competition. Most of them understand that if they want to stay in business they need to take this online thing seriously.

Most of us knew the Internet was going to be a game-changer, but thanks to the rising use of smart phones the game practiclly changed over night.

Here is the best part about this. If you choose to get in this game, you’ll discover that the competition is minimal.

High demand + low competition = make lots of money and say bye-bye job.

So here is the deal. If you want to recruit more people into your MLM opportunity, I will show you exactly how I did it.

If you follow my lead, work hard, and stay consistent, I can almost guarantee you will recruit more people than you will calling leads or inviting friends and family to hotel parties.

If you’re ready to throw the towel in on the MLM thing or if you’re someone who wants to build multiple income streams, this is the easiest way I know of to make money online.

Because this business model is so simple, you could easily do your research and figure out how to do it. But I have a much easier solution.

My mentor Brad Campbell started a pilot coaching program back in 2014. Today they have a community of over 2,200 people.

They call themselves “Job Killers”

It’s not free, but the investment is so worth it, simply because it will put you on the fast track. It would take months to learn what they teach in days or weeks (depending on how fast you want to move).

Not only will you learn all of the best strategies, they keep it simple and you belong to an active community of over 2,000 people that are doing the same thing you are.

There is no question you could come up with that wouldn’t be answered within minutes.

Enough said. Check It Out.


  • Talyah

    Reply Reply September 28, 2014

    I just subscribed to your blog and am super excited to see your blueprint that you’ll be posting!

    Im definitely interested in helping local businesses as my way of making money.

    And I just want to give you a SUPER HUGE thank you for making all of your information such as your blueprint, free. I really appreciate it so much.

    Looking forward to your content!

    • Jason Kersten

      Reply Reply September 30, 2014

      Hey Talyah

      I’m glad you are excited. Sorry you are still waiting for the blueprint. It will be available really soon! I hope it helps you out.

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