Warning: this sizzlin’ content is reserved for soon-to-be MLM top earners.

I hope you’re not one of those MLM’ers who thinks they want more leads.

You don’t. Trust me.

You want better leads.

And more specifically, better leads that: spend more, produce more, require less hand-holding — that come to you, and don’t cost a penny.

THAT’S what you want, right?

Imagine, for a second, a world where:

You didn’t have to chase after friends and family.

You didn’t have to sit through soul-sucking 3-way calls.

You didn’t have to attend high-pressure hotel parties.

You didn’t have to meet strangers in coffee shops to draw circles on napkins.

You didn’t have to deal with rejections, criticism or haters of any kind.

And you didn’t have to bust your ass for years, just to try and hit $5k/mo in residuals.

Would you like ‘dem apples?

Let’s face it, the average person who relies on these outdated, inefficient, painful, “pound the pavement” types of tactics is destined for failure… or burnout… or probably, both.

Hence the sky-high failure rate inside this industry (sad face).

Guess what?!?

There’s a better way.  I’m gonna show you exactly what I’m doing to have ready-to-buy prospects practically begging to work with me, as opposed to being banned from family get-togethers for being that guy.

Know what I’m sayin’?

Since having this breakthrough, I’ve kicked all the old-school prospecting methods to the curb.

Now, the foundation of my MLM business is built on this thing called the Internet.

Maybe you’ve heard of it?

In taking my networking online, it’s allowed me to create a SMARTER lead generation system—one where I hold all the power and call all the shots.

My formula is a little something I call:

Mojo Marketing

Say what?  It’s a unique blend of “oh no he didn’t content” plus positioning, with a pinch of direct response copywriting sprinkled on top.

Okay, maybe that definition didn’t help much, but the video I’m about to show you will.

Before I turn you loose, though, why is this style of internet marketing something you should consider?

Answer: it’s fast, sexy, duplicatable, and here to stay.

So… if you wanna keep throwing home parties, be my guest.

(By the way, the 1980’s just called and they want their Atari back.)

But, if you wanna touch more people’s lives, make bookoo bucks in the process, and, oh yeah, do it way faster and with less manual effort than ever before, ya gotta figure this internet thing out…

Definitive Digital MLM Lead Generation Blueprint

So the goal here is to bring high-quality, ready-to-buy MLM prospects to you rather than you chasing after people who probably aren’t interested.

I use a very simple, but effective 3-step lead generating system that can be used for just about any type of business (not just MLM businesses).

You can get it for free right now.

I put together a quick video to show you what I’m talking about.

It’s 100% free and I share everything you need to know (including how-to videos) in order to set up your own online lead generating system.

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Jason Kersten

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